pyinfra Documentation

Welcome to the pyinfra documentation; it is split into two sections - Using pyinfra and Deploy References. If you’re new to pyinfra you should start with the getting started page.

Using pyinfra

Getting Started
A quickstart guide introducing the basics of pyinfra. Start here!
Writing Deploys
The definitive guide to writing reusable, committable deploys (think plays/workflows/playbooks).
Using the CLI
The pyinfra CLI is extremely powerful for ad hoc command execution and management.
Connectors allow pyinfra to seamlessly integrate with other tools.

Deploy Reference

Operations Index
A list of all available operations and their arguments, e.g. apt.packages.
Facts Index
A list of all facts pyinfra can gather from hosts, e.g. host.fact.os.
Example Deploys
A set of documented example deploys highlighting common patterns.
Packaging Deploys
How to package, redistribute and share pyinfra deploys with other people.