pyinfra Documentation

Welcome to the pyinfra v1 documentation. If you’re new to pyinfra you should start with the getting started page.

Using pyinfra

Getting Started

A quickstart guide introducing the basics of pyinfra. Start here!

Writing Deploys

The definitive guide to writing reusable, committable deploys (think plays/workflows/playbooks).

Using the CLI

The pyinfra CLI is extremely powerful for ad hoc command execution and management.

Packaging Deploys

How to package, redistribute and share pyinfra deploys as Python packages.

Deploy Reference

Operations Index

A list of all available operations and their arguments, e.g. apt.packages.

Facts Index

A list of all facts pyinfra can gather from hosts, e.g. host.fact.os.

Example Deploys

A set of documented example deploys highlighting common patterns.


Connectors allow pyinfra to seamlessly integrate with other tools.

How pyinfra Works

Executing Deploys

Learn how pyinfra executes operations.

Building Connectors

Build connectors to integrate pyinfra with other systems.

Writing Operations

Learn how to write your own operations for pyinfra.

Writing Facts

Learn how to write your own facts for pyinfra.

Using the API

Discover the pyinfra Python API.

API Reference

Explore the pyinfra Python API.