Facts IndexΒΆ

pyinfra uses facts to determine the existing state of a remote server. Operations use this information to generate commands which alter the state. Facts are read-only and is populated at the beginning of the deploy.

Facts can be executed/tested via the command line:

# Example how to get multiple facts from a server myhost.com
pyinfra myhost.com fact date another_fact ...

If you want to see all facts:

# Show all of the facts from myhost.com
pyinfra myhost.com all-facts

If you want to pass an argument to a fact, use : then the argument. For example:

# See if the package 'openssh-server' is installed servers myhost.com and myhost2.com
pyinfra myhost.com,myhost2.com fact deb_package:openssh-server

You can leverage facts as part of a deploy like this:

# If this is an Ubuntu server
if host.fact.linux_name == 'Ubuntu':

Want a new fact? Check out the writing facts guide.

Facts, like operations, are namespaced as different modules - shortcuts to each of these can be found in the sidebar.