It is recommended to install pyinfra using pipx:

pipx install pyinfra


Tested on WindowsServer2019 with python 3.7.

  • Download Python (ex: python-3.7.6-amd64.exe). Install as Administrator and ensure the Add Python to PATH option is selected.)

If you need to build any python packages on Windows, perhaps because one of the pip packages above fails, you may need a c++ compiler. One possible solution is below.

  • Download Visual Studio Community Edition and install Visual Studio as Administrator. Select the “Desktop development with C++” option and ensure at least these options are selected:
    • “MSVC v142…”
    • “Windows 10 SDK…”
    • “C++ cmake tools for windows”
    • “C++ ATL for latest…”
    • “C++/cli support for v142…”
    • “C++ Modules for v142…”