pyinfra.api.arguments module

class pyinfra.api.arguments.AllArguments

Bases: ConnectorArguments, MetaArguments, ExecutionArguments

name: str
class pyinfra.api.arguments.ArgumentMeta(description, default, handler=None)

Bases: Generic[T]

default: Callable[['Config'], T]
description: str
handler: Callable[['Config', T], T] | None
class pyinfra.api.arguments.ConnectorArguments

Bases: TypedDict

class pyinfra.api.arguments.ExecutionArguments

Bases: TypedDict

class pyinfra.api.arguments.MetaArguments

Bases: TypedDict

name: str
pyinfra.api.arguments.all_global_arguments() List[tuple[str, Type]]

Return all global arguments and their types.

pyinfra.api.arguments.generate_env(config: Config, value: dict) dict
pyinfra.api.arguments.pop_global_arguments(kwargs: dict[str, Any], state: 'State' | None = None, host: 'Host' | None = None, keys_to_check=None) tuple[AllArguments, list[str]]

Pop and return operation global keyword arguments, in preferred order:

  • From the current context (a direct @operator or @deploy function being called)
  • From any current @deploy context (deploy kwargs)
  • From the host data variables
  • From the config variables