Upstart Operations

Manage upstart services.

Facts used in these operations: upstart.UpstartStatus.


Manage the state of upstart managed services.

upstart.service(service, running=True, restarted=False, reloaded=False, command=None, enabled=None)
  • service: name of the service to manage
  • running: whether the service should be running
  • restarted: whether the service should be restarted
  • reloaded: whether the service should be reloaded
  • command: custom command to pass like: /etc/rc.d/<service> <command>
  • enabled: whether this service should be enabled/disabled on boot
Enabling/disabling services:
Upstart jobs define runlevels in their config files - as such there is no way to edit/list these without fiddling with the config. So pyinfra simply manages the existence of a /etc/init/<service>.override file, and sets its content to “manual” to disable automatic start of services.